Adding a Navigation Page to a Silverlight Business Application Template (Article 4 of 7)

  Title Of Each Article Video Included With Each Post
Part 1 Introduction To RIA Services In Silverlight (This Article) 7 Minutes
Part 2 Basic RIA Services And DataGrid With  VS 2010 Tooling 14 Minutes
Part 3 Adding A DataGrid With Connect The Dots DataBinding in VS 2010 13 Minutes
Part 4 Adding a Navigation Page to a Silverlight Business Application Template 11 Minutes
Part 5 Adding Speakers Page Template With Converters In Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 11 Minutes
Part 6 Adding A Sessions Page That Includes a Query Parameter In Silverlight VS2010 Beta2 10 Minutes
Part 7 Basic Authentication and Authorization In RIA Services 5 Minutes

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Well, if you have gotten this far in the series, you’ve probably realized I’ve gotten my articles and video’s a little out of sync.  The video attached here goes through the full process of building an application from scratch while adding a navigation page.  The process was somewhat explained in the previous article.  I’ve kept the title the same because that is what the video actually shows.

I won’t go through all the details again, however, what you will get at the end is a new speakers page which is just another tab on the home page that looks like the following.


In the next section, we will go through adding a SpeakerPageTemplate to style it and have it show up with actual pictures and hyperlinks.

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  1. how can I navigate without using hyperlinkbutton? for example using a normal button? what would be the code in VB?

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