Learn ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers in this 3 Hour Video on Pluralsight

ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers are the best new feature and replaces html helpers to make programming Razor view pages fun and easy. This 4 minute sample video is from the course "ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers" on Pluralsight.com. The full three hour course gives you everything you need to know to both work with all the Tag Helpers built in to ASP.NET Core as well as author your own simple and advanced Tag Helpers. Check out the full course here: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/aspdotnet-core-tag-helpers In addition, here is a link to the documentation on built-in tag helpers written written by Peter … Continue Reading

Show a Spinner While Loading Data with React and Axios

Let's face it, the internet can be slow sometimes and you want your browser users to have a good experience when they view your pages. When we are building server side SPA apps, we often first download the html, then that html downloads some JavaScript that includes the Facebook library React, then finally, the JavaScript executes and fetches some data. In this post, I talk about how the SPA (Single Page App) technology is React from Facebook.  The library that does the REST data call is Axios, and of course the logic is mine. Read about it all on this post on Medium and don't forget to add some claps if you like it. It's my first post on Medium and I'm trying to decide if that is a good place to write … Continue Reading

Vote On Which of Douglas Crockford’s Session to See at Silicon Valley Code Camp

What Session Would You like Douglas Crockford to Open Silicon Valley Code Camp with October 7? (or reply from list https://t.co/FmDyA5dMZv — SV Code Camp (@sv_code_camp) June 7, 2017 Douglas Crockford, the inventor of JSON and one of our top speakers at SV Code Camp is currently doing two talks, Numbers and Character Sets. I've asked Doug if he'd reprise one of his more JavaScript / JSON sessions and he graciously offered me his list to pick from.  So, I'm turning that responsibility over to all of you. Head over to twitter on this URL and  VOTE  for what you want to see.  While you are at it, follow the @sv_code_camp twitter feed and you'll hear about every session approved and other important SV Code Camp … Continue Reading

Looking Forward to Talking about ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers Tonight at South Bay.Net in Mountain View

  I’m mostly complete on my Pluralsight course on ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers.  In this 1 hour presentation, I’ll talk about the highlights and what I love about Tag Helpers. Hope to see you there! https://www.meetup.com/BayNET/events/238822703/ German International School of Silicon Valley 310 Easy Street, Room 27, Mountain View, CA … Continue Reading


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