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Silicon Valley Code Campfire Software Architecture Event Summary

Updated: at 02:12 PM

Event Wrap-Up Summary (11/18/23)

Our recent event encountered streaming challenges, despite having two servers in place. The primary server (AT&T) failed after five minutes, and our secondary server (Zito) struggled with bandwidth throughout the event. This was a departure from the smooth operations of our past events.

Key Lessons Learned:

  1. Early Server Activation: Initiate streaming servers at least an hour before the event to ensure stability. Starting them only 10 minutes prior led to panic and instability.

  2. Resolution Adjustment: Stream at 720 instead of 1080. This change could halve bandwidth usage and potentially improve presentation quality.

  3. Increased Lag Time: Adding an extra minute of lag to the stream could enhance quality, allowing for better synchronization with live Q&A sessions and overall stream stability.

By implementing these changes, we aim to avoid similar issues in future events and ensure a smoother streaming experience.

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