Peter Kellner

Problem solver author teacher

Short List

  • Pluralsight Author
    Authored 17 Pluralsight courses for developers. Topics primarily focused on React and JavaScript.
  • Microsoft Documentation Author
    Wrote 100's of pages of Microsoft's official documentation for ASP.NET Core and other topics including developing Chromium based extensions.
  • Microsoft ASPInsider
    The ASPInsiders is a select group of international professionals who have a demonstrated expertise in ASP.NET technologies and who provide valuable, early feedback on related developing technologies and publications to their peers, the Microsoft ASP.NET team, and others.
  • Microsoft MVP
    This award is given by Microsoft to "technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community, award years 2007-2018
  • Conference Founder Including Silicon Valley Code Camp and AngularU
    Established Silicon Valley Code Camp in 2006 whose mission is to provide the highest quality content built around the topic of computer code. Code Camp draws thousands of attendees year after year with top sponsorship from Silicon Valley's companies including Microsoft, IBM, Google, PayPal, Twilio and others. This annual event creates an environment to network and share knowledge.