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Debug React Hooks useState and useReducer with Redux DevTools Redux Support

Updated: at 11:18 PM


Yes, you can use the very cool Chrome extension Redux DevTools with React Hooks. You may have bumped into lots of articles that say one of the downsides of using React Hooks with useReduce and useState, instead of react-redux is that you loose the awesome development experience that comes with react-redux. Well, that’s just wrong. Using the npm package reinspect you can see state changes.

Below is a the JavaSript and you can find the full github repo with this example here:

And the associated code is below. Notice how useState and useReducer are imported from reinspect and not react.

{% highlight javascript %} import React from “react”; import ReactDOM from “react-dom”;

import { StateInspector, useState, useReducer } from “reinspect”;

function CounterFunState() { const [sum1, setSum1] = useState(100, “Sum1State”); return ( <> {sum1} <button onClick={() => setSum1(sum1 + 1)}>Add 1 state  with useState </> ); }

function CounterFunReducer() { const reducer = (state) => { return state + 5; }; const [sum2, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, 5000, “Sum2State”); return ( <> {sum2} <button onClick={() => dispatch({})}>Add 5 reducer  with useReducer </> ); }

function Counter() { return ( <>


</> ); }

ReactDOM.render(, document.querySelector(“#root”)); {% endhighlight %}

There are just two things that you need to do in your code to make useState and useReducer work in your app.

  1. You need to surround your components that include useState and useReducer with the <StateInspector> element.
  2. You need to make sure that you import useState and useReducer from the npm package reinspect and not react.

That is. The chrome extension redux-devtools will now just work as you would expect.

As an aside, if you do want to learn more about React Hooks, Checkout my Pluralsight course (2 hours) and learn all about them.

Hope this helps.