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MacBook Pro 2018 vs 2015 Keyboard Head to Head

Updated: at 11:18 PM

TLDR; The new 2018 revision 3 MacBook Pro seems to be a winner.

A Little Background

Hidden behind my alias, I wrote a few block posts about the "new" 2016 and 2017 MacBooks. Bottom line, I did not like them and returned them.  The main reason was the keyboard though I did have some other problems (which did get solved).  I abandoned because of the keyboard.  Without going into too many details, I switched to an awesome Dell XPS 15 (top of the line) and just could not love it.  Ultimately, I went back and got a used MacBook Pro 2015 with the previous and loved keyboard.

Typing Test, Head to Head, 2015 keyboard vs 2018 keyboard

I just received my new loaded MacBook Pro 15 2018 with the Core-i9 and the newest (revision 3) keyboard.  I read several reviews yesterday today that said things like "the new keyboard is not awful", but nothing particularly good.  My results are that it is significantly better.  My biggest complaint was tactile feedback was horrible and I could not type consistently or reliably.  I just put that to the test with the typing test from


I believe the new generation 3 MacBook 15 keyboard is a winner.  I'll let you know after 2 weeks if I still like it.  You can see that my typing speed is about the same on the 2015 MacBook as it is on the 2018 MacBook.


MacBook Pro 2018
MacBook Pro 2015

Other First Impressions

I have to say I've jumped straight to the keyboard. Just like my 2016 MacBook Pro, the screen seems much brighter (you can see that in the top picture).  Of course, 32Gig of memory has been a long standing want of mind and that's pretty obvious how that will play out so I don't need to review it.

I'll also report on the graphics later after I've done some tests.  I typically run with two 4K monitors and previously, the 2015 or 2016 MacBook's did not drive them very well (jumpy, jerky), etc.  I'm optomistic now with the graphic support here for two 5K monitors.  I'm figuring if Apple advertises two 5K's, two 4K's probably work pretty well. We'll see.


Same old same old (except if you want 4TB SSD then it's crazy stupid pricing).