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Visual Studio 2015 Nasty Scroll Problem

Updated: at 02:12 PM

It just happened to me again.  I accidentally moved a file in my Visual Studio solution that I had not intention of moving.  I think I’ve narrowed down what my user error is that causes this but still, I know this happens to a lot of people besides me so I thought I’d file a connect bug with the hopes that Microsoft fixes it.

Here is the URL of the connect bug.  Please go and vote for it!

Here is what I actually posted:

I'm labeling this as a bug because it happens so often and often with large consequences.  Today, I finally spend some time and nailed down what actually causes it.

Here is the scenario:
1.  Go to scroll bar of Solution Explorer and grab scroll bar
2.  Start Moving scroll bar
3.  (do not notice that you missed grabbing the scroll bar but instead have grabbed a file
4.  let go of dragged files

The result is the file is dropped at some random place in your solution, likely never to be found again.

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