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Google Chrome Extension Clear Cache, My Pick!

Updated: at 11:18 PM

I’ve been listening to the podcast recently Adventures in Angular and in particular the “Podcaster Picks” at the end of each podcast.  At first I thought this was pretty silly but have been surprised that many of the picks I did not know about and have been quite useful.  So, in the Holiday spirit of giving, here is my pick for the day.

Clear Cache from Benjamoin Bojko

Motivation For Needing this

I’ve been doing a lot of JavaScript programming for the past couple years and Chrome Dev Tools is my debugger of choice.  It’s amazing easy to clear cache which is something I do quite often.  To be clear, all I have to do is:  1) Tools Pull down then 2) select “clear cache” and finally 3) select the URL in the browser and press refresh.  I just timed this and it takes me about 2.5 seconds.  I could do the keyboard short cuts and maybe shave it down to 1.5 seconds but I switch back and forth between OSX and Windows quite a bit and the key strokes are slightly different so I just do the menus.

Today, I decided to spent 5 minutes hunting for a chrome extension thinking I could use a little more DRY (don’t repeat yourself) in my life and shave a second off my life.

Why I Like Clear Cache


Very nice!  HTH’s.