Commands (CLI) to remember for Azure, NodeJS and MongoDb

Posted by Peter Kellner on May 06, 2014 · 1 min read

Having just started using Azure Web Sites with NodeJS and MongoDB I thought I’d blog several of the commands I use often (mostly for me to go back to).  Here is my short list


  • node server.js – starts node
  • node –debug server.js – starts node and enables debugging (needs npm install –g node-inspector)
  • npm install – installs all node packages in project


  • mongod – starts mongo daemon
  • mongostat – shows stats while mongodb running
  • mongotop – shows top mongo processes

Windows Azure CLI

  • npm install azure – so you can use azure command line (cli)
  • npm install azure-cli –g
  • azure site create mywebsite
  • azure site list
  • azure site start mywebsite
  • azure site delete mywebsite
  • azure site log tail mywebsite