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Quickbooks - Intuit Customer Support Awesome!

Updated: at 11:18 PM

I think I've probably blogged this already in previous years but I'm doing it again because I'm just so darn pleased.  As almost everyone who has every called customer service knows, when someone on the other end answers and you likely know which country they are in ("apply your own prejudice"), you have that sinking feeling of "this is going to be a miserable call".  Well, when I call Intuit QuickBooks support, I do know when the person answers they are from far far away, but I'm confident they will be able to solve my problems.

My Problems

For me, I'm an S-Corp, which in American means I have a corporation that I own myself that basically does all my business transactions.  That includes all my customers, expenses, business hobbies, etc.  Since I take credit cards as well as checks and wire transfers, my invoices during the year can get mixed up.  Every year, I seem to end up with about 10 transactions that are just broken.

My Phone Call

I just got off the phone from a 60 minute screen share with QuickBooks support.  We went through each problem one by one and fixed them.  I understood every fix, the communication was flawless. I can now send my QuickBooks file to my accountant.

The Cost

For about $35/month (US) I get the latest version of QuickBooks as well as all updates (and unlimited tech support at no additional charge).  I probably call in about 5 times a year and I'd say about once every other year I have a bad experience so it's not 100% perfect.

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