Volunteering At Html5DevConf In San Francisco Today, Pictures and Commentary

Posted by Peter Kellner on April 01, 2013 · 3 mins read


I started at 7AM today as a volunteer at the HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco.  As the organizer of Silicon Valley Code Camp (an event with many similarities, yet still quite different and also open for registration), I don’t really get to “enjoy” what it’s like to be an ordinary volunteer.  Let me just say one thing.  It is very fun!  You get to relax, chat with people, share stories, talk to other volunteers, answer lots of questions and do whatever gopher jobs come along with and all at the same time feeling no pressure.


Because I can’t stop myself, I thought that I’d publish a list of all the questions people asked me today along with my best guess at the answers.  Here we go:

  • Where is the Coffee? – A: Down the Hall with the sponsors
  • Where do I get information on the training sessions? A: The site is almost ready.  Keep checking back there and you answer will come before you really need it.
  • I can’t find my badge, help! A: check with Jonathan at the table over there
  • Where Are the Sessions? A: The first four columns of the printed schedule are all down on this floor where we are now and the other 4 are up stairs on the next floor.
  • Are the sessions being recorded? A: All sessions in columns 1,2,3 and 5 are being recorded (from the schedule handout)
  • When do I get my T-Shirt? A: at lunch
  • Are the training classes later this week full? A: Yes
  • Where are the Sponsors?  A: Some are on this floor and others are upstairs.
  • How About Wifi?  A: Choose PalaceMeetingWifi and the password is the first 4 letters of this conference (keep that to yourself please)
  • I’m a Sponsor but I don’t see my badge?  A: See Jonathan at the end and he will make you a badge
  • I’m a speaker and can’t find my badge? A: See Jonathan
  • Where is the Coffee? A: See question 1 (I got that a lot)

I’m having a great time!  The content and sponsors look awesome.  Thanks to all the organizers for another job well done!