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Mass Download The Videos From Windows BUILD conference October 28 to November 2nd

Updated: at 02:12 PM


Just like a couple years ago when we wrote the mass download of videos for the Microsoft MIX conference (, we’ve done again the same thing for the build conference last week.

Simply go to the URL: and follow the directions there (repeated below).  Using DownThemAll (a firefox plugin), you can now download all the conference videos or just a subset.  A new feature in this version allows you to just download the highest quality available of either MP4’s or WMV files.  Since they are not tagged clearly in the RSS feed we are leveraging, the program takes the larges size file of each type for any given session.

Hope this helps!  I personally love the videos and use them over and over.


Instructions Repeated:

Use Firefox Add-on DownThemAll
1. Open DownThemAll
2. Set RenameMask field to *text* *name*.*ext*
3. Set Fast Filtering field to {Regex Expression From List Below}
4. Set Checkbox Disable other filters to true (checked)
5. Click on the Start button to start downloading.
Regular Expressions for Fast Filtering Samples:
  /_high[.]mp4$/ (All mp4's that are high quality)
  /[.]mp4$/ (All mp4's of all qualities)
  /[.]wmv$/ (All wmv's of all qualities)

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