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Droid 4 Versus Samsung Charge

Updated: at 11:18 PM


A Little Background

As many of you know, I’ve been slowly pulled to the dark side and use both a macbook and IPad.  I still use an android phone though so I have not been completely subsumed.  About 18 months ago, I started using a Samsung Charge.  A very pretty 4G Verizon phone with a great screen, single core processor and no keyboard.  Three months ago, I finally gave in and replaced with with a Droid 4 with a keyboard.  I just could not get use to no keyboard.

Well, today, biking down Mt. Hamilton (an 18 mile descent), I believe my Droid 4 jumped from my pocket and is somewhere on the road.  So, I went home, got my old Samsung Charge and took it to Verizon to reactivate it.


Samsung Charge

Even after replacing the battery with an extended life battery, the battery life is miserable.  Out of battery most days before 2pm without even using it a lot.  Over time, I learned to hate this phone because it is so slow.  I could sometimes wait 30 seconds after pressing “send” for a mail message to go out.  It does have an  Awesome screen!



Droid 4

The battery is not removable so the one that comes in it is all you have.  I found it good enough.   Lasted most days until at least dinner time.  The screen is pretty good, though when I went back to using the Samsung Charge, I realized that the Droid 4 screen is not nearly as good.  Performance with the dual core is great.





The Samsung screen is much brighter and more crisp.  The Droid 4 battery life is much better and the Droid 4 performance is much better.