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MACBook PRO running VMWARE Fusion with Visual Studio

Updated: at 02:12 PM

I’ve been a macbook user for about 2 weeks now.  As a Microsoft guy, it’s really important to me that the Macbook run Windows 7 really well.  So far, I’m not impressed (hopefully this will change once you all give me some good advice).  I’ve set up bootcamp on half my SSD drive and OSX Lion on the other half.  VMWare seems to run reasonably well, but when I try and run Visual Studio I get lots of hanging and very very slow performance.  I’ve got 16Gig of RAM and the latest macbook with a core i7.  I’ve tried giving VMWARE 4 or 8 GB’s of ram, but have the same issues.

I’ve also run bootcamp native and had some hanging also, but not as bad as Fusion.

Anyone else have similar experiences?  Any suggestions?  I’ve heard that macbook’s are awesome at running windows 7.  So far, I have not experience that. 

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