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Silicon Valley Code Camp V6, 2011, is Just 4 Days Away!

Updated: at 11:18 PM


As the primary organizer for Silicon Valley Code Camp, I’m very excited to say things are really going well for this year.  Our attendance looks to be setting yet another record (we are just now passing the 2800 or so we had registered at the start of Code Camp last year and I expect at least 100 people a day to be signing up in the next few days).  We have not yet decided to cut off attendance.  We are taking that one day at a time (but watching the sign ups and plan to attends very closely).  I hate to even consider that but if we have to in order to keep the experience for the attendees great, we will.




We also just added (yesterday) the ability to capture tweets with #svcc in them and filter them on your main code camp page (once you log in) by all code camp speakers, just speakers you plan to attend, as well as those sessions you said you are interested in.  Speakers simply put there twitter handle on their registration page, tweet with #svcc and the rest is magic!  Check it out when you login (you can’t miss it).



If you have not registered, now is the time! and don’t forget to indicated what sessions you want to attend.  We’ve got a great page for that now.  Below is a screen shot that you see once you are logged in.




Hope to see you this weekend!