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WinRT in Windows 8 CLR Confusion

Updated: at 02:12 PM

I’m here at the Microsoft BUILD conference in Anaheim and am very much enjoying all the announcements surrouding the next major release of Windows (at least a year or two out).  One of the big speculations that has drawn a lot of confusion over the past few months is whether .Net is going to part of the next generation of Windows.  It seems that Microsoft had been telegraphing quite a bit about how C++ will be the language of choice to program going into the Microsoft future.

Well, I’m sure that .Net is a part of Windows 8. I also now know that if you want to continue to write c# or vb code for the “new” part of Windows 8 (Metro) you can, however Microsoft has created a new API they are calling WinRT.   WinRT does have a full CLR and the languages c# and vb will be supported.  However, the API you call has changed.  Miguel has a great article that explains much of this here:

It’s a brave new world!  Much has changed, much is the same.



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