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Moving To Super Fast SSD OCZ Vertex 3 For My Lenovo W520

Updated: at 11:18 PM

Important Update 5/13/2011: .../nasty-problem-with-ocz-vertex-3-ssd-on-lenovo-w520-solved/

Let me get the fireworks out of the way first so you don’t need to wait for the numbers




For those that don’t know what these numbers represent, let me tell you, this is a screamer!  The W520 actually supports the SATA III interface spec which goes up 600MB.  I was wondering if it would actually work and I have to say, if it’s showing Sequential reads of 472.2 MB/second, it must be working.  The drive holds 240Gig and currently costs about $600.

In contrast, the drive I had before in my Lenovo W520 was no slouch.  It was a 256Gig Patriot Torqx M28.  The numbers are below run from the same Lenovo W520 computer.




Just by way of comparison to a rotating disk, my configuration in the Lenovo W520 is I put my boot drive (the SSD) in the slot normally used by the DVD and I put my data disk (mydoc’s, etc.) where the normal built in disk goes.  I’ve got a 750GB Hitachi drive that simply rotates platters around (but costs less than $100).  The numbers are not quite as impressive.




And for those of you that like graphs, here is the Sequential Read Speed by Drive




And a computer very similar to mine:



I’m hooked, hope are also now.  Hard to go back to read and write speeds of .5 MB/second.