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Accidentally (or on purpose) Making A ClickOnce Application your default IE9 Page

Updated: at 02:12 PM

So, I’m testing a Microsoft ClickOnce application in a virtual machine and for convenience, I set the default page to be my ClickOnce page of the application I was testing.  Clearly, I was not of full clarity because what happens now is when I run IE, it checks to see if the application is up to date, then immediately exits IE.  Problem is, I can’t actually stay in IE long enough to change the default to anything else, and of course, I can’t run IE anymore.

So, following what Daniel Boom once said (he was never lost, just at times confused as to where he was for a couple weeks), I began wondering how I could get my IE back without resorting to registry tweaks.

The solution was to simply find an application that had a help window with a URL in it.  That is, almost all windows applications have a help/about that will take you to some web page.  I did that and it worked.  Then, I could set the default page back to blank as it should be.

Hope this helps!

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