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Steve Marx Of The Windows Azure Team Announces Massive IPad Cluster At MIX11 In Las Vegas

Updated: at 11:18 PM


MIX11 In Las Vegas has been a really fun and exciting couple of days.  For me, the sessions are interesting, but my feeling is I can always go back and see them on the internet.  The most interesting things happen during the side conversations with Microsoft Team members and friends I don’t see often.

In this video, I’m having a little Fun with Steve Marx and Tina Dawson of the Windows Azure Team.  I’m not sure of Tina’s role, but Steve is undoubtedly my best advocate on the Windows Azure team.  Over the past 6 months or so, since I’ve been working building my first major Azure product (Soon to be found at, Steve has been an immense help in sorting out tough issues.  Patiently explaining concepts as well as taking my “constructive” feedback to the team for further analysis.






(BTW, just a little background on the wardrobe consulting comment at the beginning.  About a year ago, I discovered, well, maybe someone mentioned to me, that wearing white socks with my dark running shoes and long pants was not exactly a fashion statement.  Noticing Steve in the same condition, obviously landing there as I did, we asked Tina for a consult.  Steve asked Tina if white socks with dark shoes and dark pants were reasonable.  Tina’s response was “Only if you are Michael Jackon”.  Later, she tried to mellow her response however by that point every had heard it her hopes of what is said in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas were totally dashed.)