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My Presentation in San Francisco This Past Wednesday Night to Bay.Net

Updated: at 11:18 PM

This past Wednesday, I presented a front end performance session for how to make web sites work well.  I primarily covered the content from from Steve Souders Excellent book, High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers.


Not being a browser engineer, my knowledge is not the best in that area so probably the talk was a little dry.  We did spend a bunch of time talking about the the Sprite library just released to codeplex from the Asp.Net team.  That was  a great discussion!  I plan on talking more about that at my upcoming DevConnections talks in Orlando (very soon).  One interesting note was that there was a browser compatibility slide regarding sprites from Microsoft.  One of the attendees said “Peter, are you sure that Sprites are only supported on IE 8 and above?”.  I said I was sure that is what the document that I got from Microsoft said.  Well, I had several emails today with the Asp.Net team including the author of the document and though I don’t know the final answer, I’m sure that the Microsoft document was wrong on browser compatibility.  It seems that css and sprite support would work all the back to IE6.  When I know more, I’ll post a comment below with a link.  I’m sure Microsoft plans on updating that doc.

That’s it for now.  Below are some pictures from before the meeting.  I’d say that we had about 75 people in attendance.