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Another Fun Bruno Azure Meetup In San Francisco (The Windows Azure AppFabric)

Updated: at 02:12 PM

Bruno Terkaly, the meeting organizer and local Microsoft Evangelist, did a great job of organizing as well as presenting.  Over the holidays, Bruno built a really cool end to end lab on how to build an app (both client and server) that takes advantage of Azure’s AppFabric (the service bus).  Basically, he showed the steps (and demonstrated) what it takes to have to windows PC’s talk to each other over the service bus.  One acts like a server to lots of clients. No firewalls, just communication!

As part of the meetup, Robin (@robindotnet) and I both did short presentations on how to  work SqlAzure, basically based around the problem of Azure (by design) dropping connections.  Robin talked about her real world experiences, and I talked about a method for how to deal with the problem elegantly in  I did a blog post explaining what I presented here:

Of course ,what would a meet up be without pictures.  Feel free to add comments to the post about Ward Bell and the others.



That’s it for now!  Looking forward to the next Bruno Meetup

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