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Defending Yourself From the Internet, Presented at the Kendal Retirement Community in Northern Ohio at Oberlin

Updated: at 02:12 PM

I had a great time tonight presenting to about 40 people at Kendal, an awesome retirement community in Northern Ohio, at Oberlin.  This was my first ever presentation to a group of people that were as mature as this group is.  As always, I encouraged lots of questions and I was not disappointed.  I taught the meaning of https and when to use it, I went over lots of topics around email, we talked about public/private key in detail, purchasing on line, paypal and lots of other topics.  I had originally planned on Tuesday, their normal day for presentations, but unfortunately I a little bout with a virus and had to postpone.


The computer steering committee took me to dinner before the presentation


Part of the group showed up on schedule, but quite a few wandered in. I actually heard people went out and got their friends. 

And finally, my slide deck

Check out the ORM (Object Relational Mapper) PRISMA. The database access method I use in all my projects