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“Programming Windows Azure” By Sriram Krishnan / O’Reilly Book Review

Updated: at 11:18 PM

I’ve been slowly building up my Azure experience over the past few months and actually plan to release a product using Azure during the next month or two.  Programming Windows Azure has been a huge value to me in learning both the basics of the Azure platform as well as the details.  It has a great balance of theory verses practice.  I strongly recommend this book if you are new to Azure or even if you have experience with Azure.  I often find myself going back and re-reading sections to better understand things.


Two of the sections I feel are particularly well written or the ones that talk about Storage and Tables (chapters 7 and 8).  The application I’ve been working on heavily uses blob storage and I spend lots of times re-reading those sections.  Azure tables is a hard topic to get a sql server programmer like me to get my head wrapped around.  Sriram does a great job of talking directly to someone like me to help me understand how and when to use tables.

Again, I whole heartedly recommend this book.