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PDC10, Microsoft PDC 2010 Videos Are Downloadable As MP4 and WMV, Rename Them To Real Names!

Updated: at 02:12 PM

For those that don’t like to read much: 

Batch File To Do Video Renames : *

(*Revised as of 11/7/2010 to include all files, Added High and Low To Filenames and removed non-valid characters including colon)

Mike has a stand in who has done the same thing (more or less).  The stand in for this is Mark Defalco, and he has a link on his blog that tell where to download the Silverlight program to do the job. I’m really happy to have these downloads.  One thing it seems Mike has not done yet (or has not had time to do is the mass renamer program that turns the downloaded files into their short session names.  That is,  names like:  CS02_Low.mp4 and CS03_Low.mp3 are just not as pleasing as “Building Scale-Out Database Solutions on SQL Azure.mp4” and “Building, Deploying, and Managing Windows Azure.mp4” So, Mike pointed me at the xml feed and after way to much munging, I created a rename bat file that does the deed for you.  and… It is right here.  Basically, it’s a list of:  rename this that,rename this1 that1, etc.  Here it is again.

Revised Batch File To Do Video Renames

I always seem to want to watch technical video’s while I’m not connected to the internet.  Over the years, Mike Swanson has always put together a nice script that let’s me download all the content (gigs and gigs of it) to my local computer, then watch it when I want over the next month or so.  I have a feeling that Mike has been spending all his free time writing an Adobe Illustrator to HTML5 Canvas plugin this year.

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