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A Refactoring I Should Have Been Doing for Years but Forgot, AppSettings

Updated: at 11:18 PM

So, It’s always annoyed me that when I want to check an AppSettings variable from app.config or web.config I’ve had to go through code like the following:

<add key="AccountStorageURL" value="" />
public string GetStorageURLOld(string username, string password)
var accountStorageURL = string.Empty;
if (ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AccountStorageURL"] != null)
accountStorageURL = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("AccountStorageURL");
return accountStorageURL;

I should have realized a long time ago that this code is equivalent to:

public string GetStorageURL(string username, string password)
return ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AccountStorageURL"] ?? string.Empty;

Just thought I’d share in case someone else had forgot this also.