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How To Clear the Data From an Umbraco to Start From Scratch

Updated: at 11:18 PM

In my previous post (, I detailed the steps to use WebPI to install a fresh version of Umbraco on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit system.  Now that I’ve done that, and played with it for a few hours, I’d like to start again with a fresh (no RunWay) set of data to play with.

I posted on the Umbraco forums and got some tips, but I thought I’d document the process here because I’m sure I’m going to be doing this again and thought it best to have some notes I can go back to (and that might help others newbie's to Umbraco while I’m at it).

So, let’s assume you have an Umbraco installation up and running.  First thing you want to do is drop the sqlserver database you assigned to umbraceo (in my case umbracodb), re-add it and make sure you set the umbracoUser to have rights to that database.  I’ll skip those steps because they don’t have much to do with umbraco.

Now, let’s assume you have done the above and now launch WebPI and chose Umbraco CMS again.


Continue to the first step after accepting the install options and make sure you select the name of your existing web site (mine is umbraco) and name the application name (which can be different than it was before).


Ignore this warning by saying “Yes”


Now, fill in the next page with your db details (same as before)




I changed the default to “Use Existing Database” and updated my databasename correctly (as well as put the name of the server, W500, that has my sqlserver installed).

Saying continue, causes it to run for a few minutes (without much feedback or warning so be patient).

Then, Success!




For some reason, I need to go back to inetmgr (IIS Manager) and make the umbraco web site started and stop all the others running on port 80 (see my last post for this).  Once you do that, I found that I need to go into the web.config and comment out the version number so that the umbracoConfigurationStatus line looks like this:


<add key="umbracoConfigurationStatus" value="" />

After doing that, I could browse to the URL:  http://localhost/install/default.aspx

Get a screen:


Chose Next and then go through the same screens as before.


etc., then finally get to a screen that correctly tells me I have work do do because I have not added any pages.

That’s it!  Again, I’m still new to this and I’m sure making lots of mistakes.  Please correct me if I’m wrong by making comments and make suggestions of the correct way to do it.