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Sitting At MIX10 In Michael Scherotter’s Presentation of the Silverlight 4 Search Analytics Framework

Updated: at 11:18 PM

As usual, Michael’s doing a great job of presenting enthusiastically the new Silverlight Analytics Frameworks.  I’m hugely impressed with how easy it is going to be to add analytics to a Silverlight app.  It seems Microsoft has gotten all the major vendors of Web Analytics to play.

One thing Michael said that really made me take notice is that all web pages should have a “Privacy Statement” prominently displayed on their main page.  It should say (and you need to abide by it) that you don’t track any user identifiable data associated with tracking data collected.  Great advice I won’t forget.

It was a sell out crowd, they let us in, but only after security decided we were OK to add to the overflow.

Here we are!