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Great ExtJS Meetup in Palo Alto Tonight at ExtJS’s New Office

Updated: at 02:12 PM

Yet another great meetup with the ExtJS San Francisco Group (though not meeting in San Francisco this time).  ExtJS has moved it’s main office and developers out here to Palo Alto, California and volunteered to host our meetup.  They provided pizza and beer and I’d say it was our most successful event so far!

Most of the ExtJS team stayed until after 9.  The team introduced themselves to start the event, then we got presentations of all kind of cool upcoming technologies from ExtJS that we promised not share because it was top secret. ;)

I’ve posted more pictures to FaceBook at the following URL:  Click Here  I believe you will have to create a facebook account if you don’t have one to view them.  It would be great if everyone can Tag themselves so next time we will all know each other.

Abe invited us all back so I’m sure we will have the chance to all see each other again.  Here are a couple shots, including the rock band at the end of he meeting starring Tommy.


(above picture courtesy of Mats)



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