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Using PLINQ for Managing Multiple Threads

Updated: at 11:18 PM

I’m currently watching an online video (400 level, very high) from PDC while flying home from Chicago (and blogging about it).  One of the common patterns I often implement is to write some code that does a bunch of “Thread.Start” type stuff and “Thread.IsAlive”.

With PLINQ, this can be avoided with clean error free code (as long as my method is thread safe).  Here is some simple code that demonstrates this.

var result =
  (x => [some condition]).Select(x => [something]);

My understanding is that this will just do my [something] in parallel using as many threads as can be allocated, and when one finishes, the next will just start.

Very Cool, Very Clean!

Another good article is here: 

uh oh, they are telling me to turn off all electronic devices, time to land.