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Visual Studio 2008 Show All Files Does Not Always Work For Me

Updated: at 11:17 PM


Not sure how many times I’ve pressed the “Show All Files” menu choice on a Visual Studio 2008 Project and nothing happens.  Well, I think I have finally found the pattern.

My guess is that you actually have to be clicked on the solution itself for the Show All Files to work.  I think I’m usually on a directory inside the project and it doesn’t work. That is, I may be inside the /bin directory and expect that if I click “Show All Files” that I will see all the files in the bin directory (like the .config files).

So, post back if you know more about this.  This is just my best guess.


By the way, I’m blogging this in turbulence American Airlines flight 16 from San Francisco To New York City (JFK).  Wifi in the air is working great!!!