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Scrum Developer Training Happening at Silicon Valley Microsoft Campus 11/2-11/6 – 2 for 1 Deal

Updated: at 11:17 PM

The Scrum developer training is happening a week from Monday and I just got a notification that they are offering a 2 for 1 deal.  Pretty amazing.  I know this is a new class and they want to get as much feedback as they can so I assume that is why they are making this offer.

If you are a developer and have heard a lot about SCRUM, Sprints, Agile, etc., this is a great opportunity to learn the hands on part of how to make the most out of being on an agile team.

I blogged some more details previously at the URL:

and you can read more about the course here:

I love to go myself, but I’m pushing to make a deadline that happens right at that time.  You won’t regret if you go.  It is in my backyard, and I do plan on stopping by to say hi at least once.

Good luck and I hope you can make it.  I’m sure you won’t regret, and the world will be a better place.