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Long Live the Semicolon and Why I Love it!

Updated: at 02:12 PM

OK, so we all want to be somewhat popular, and it seems that my last article, “To Brace Or Not to Brace”, seems to have gotten a lot of attention, so, here goes my opinion on the popular semi-colon argument.  First, I’m not against any languages in particular, but I have found that I do better in ones that have semi-colons.  One of the features I really like is the ability to move my line returns anyplace I want, and to indent as I see fit.  Though the semi-colon does not guarantee I can do this, it certainly makes life easier.

So, what’s wrong with using tabs to signal nesting levels and dispense with semi-colons?  Well, for me, that is just too hard.  I always seem to mess up and my code stops working.  What about line continuations?  I just have to ask why?  Want to continue, just press the return key.  Not much else to remember.

In College, I learned a language called PL/1 (long forgotten) that required semi-colons.  I remember the compiler would constantly spit out errors saying “Maybe you have missed your semi-colon?”.  I use to find that very annoying, but now, that I’m a semicolon lover, I just happily type them at the end of each statement I want terminated.

There are dissenters however.  For example, the TheMightyFavog says “Let’s get rid of it.  Nobody knows how to use the thing anyway”.

Just my 2 cents.

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