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Just Repaved to Windows 7 RTM

Updated: at 02:12 PM

I like this term I keep hearing (repaved) which means that I’ve wiped out all the information on my computer and reinstalled the operating system.  The interesting thing about the term is that there actually is a term.  As a software guy, one of the fears I have is that problems that I might create in my code will so common that they will get a name.  That is, is there anyone out there that does not know the term “Blue Screen of Death”.  If it did not happen so often, it would not have a name.

Well, seems to me that the reason we talk about repaving is because we have to do it so much.

So, why did I repave? I had to because I was running Windows 7 RC and my Lenovo W500 started getting pretty sick with it.  Finally, it got to the point that it would boot off my docking station but not on it’s own.

So far, things are working well with RTM.  It feels cleaner, and maybe even a little faster.

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