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Combing LINQPAD with LINQ In Action From Manning

Updated: at 11:17 PM

Last night, I had the honor of having dinner with three other VSLive speakers including Jim Wooley, one of the authors of the awesome book on LINQ titled LINQ in Action.  Jim is a wealth of knowledge as well as very entertaining.  He had an interesting analogy for what using try/catch statements to handle expected issues.  I’ll leave it up to you to post to his twitter account and find out what it was.  it’s just a little off color and I don’t want to be rejected from search engines.

At anyrate, I’m now following Jim’s Twitter feed and he recently mentioned he included all the examples from his book in LINQPAD.  I just downloaded them.  This is just too cool!  He wrote a blog post about it here:  Here is what it looks like in LINQPAD


Hope this helps!!!  It’s huge for me.