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My ExtJS Presentation at Microsoft’s Office in San Francisco Last Night

Updated: at 02:12 PM

Last night, I gave a 90 minute presentation on how to use ExtJS with ASP.NET serving up the data at the San Francisco Microsoft Office to what seemed to be between 50 and 100 people.  I started out with just a basic overview of ExtJS, starting with a hello world app, then, finally building it into a full blown paging, updating, inserting and deleting Membership Management editor.  The final application is actually here if you want to see how it runs:



For me, it was a long day.  I flew home from Chicago in the morning, went to work in the afternoon, and did the presentation that night.  I decided to upgrade the source to the prelease V3 on the airplane which turned out to be a mistake because some of the demos did not quit work as I expected.  That, combined with I had forgotten to plug my notebook in before the presentation and when I realized that (by almost running out of battery), I plugged my computer in and it immediately blue screened.  Arg. Not what you really want when you have all your windows open and in demo mode.  At least that was the end of m powerpoint screen.  Who needs that anyhow.

Several people asked for the example code I showed.  It’s not that well organized and it’s using a pre-release of ExtJS version 3.0. With those excuses pre-made, here is the code:

Finally, some more pictures…

IThoughtTheyCameToSeeMe KimGreenleeMSPodium

BayNetPresentationPartOfCrowd BrunoInSetupMode

Thanks to Bay.Net locally lead by Kim Greenlee for sponsoring the event, Thanks to JetBrains for providing free copies of IDEA for doing Great JavaScript editing, Thanks to the authors of “Learning ExtJS” for donating a couple free books, and thanks to ExtJS for giving a free developer license.

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