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Great ExtJS Meetup Last Night! Chris Scott, Core ExtJS Developer Joined Us

Updated: at 11:17 PM

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Last night was the 4th Meeting of our San Francisco ExtJS Meetup hosted by Untangle.  We had about 20 or so people come!  It was a special meeting because we had Chris Scott, one of the core developers for ExtJS join us by shared desktop hookup.  Chris’s part of the upcoming ExtJS 3.0 release is the HttpWrite Proxy as well as the Direct api which allows for better communication from server side to client side.

Chris Scott, ExtJS Core Developer

Chris started out talking about ExtJS in general, we talked about the upcoming ExtJS conference in Orlando, then got into the nuts and bolts of what is coming in 3.0 which is scheduled to be released in April.  Things like a Grouping Task Bar,


Super flexible button implementation,


As well as Chris’s favorite, the Http Write proxy which allows data to be saved to the server with just as much ease as showing it on the client.  I personally am really looking forward to that.

Great fun meeting!