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Slides and Demo Code From Southern Cal Rock and Roll Code Camp (ExtJS was the topic)

Updated: at 11:17 PM

It was fun to do my first presentation on ExtJS at the Southern California Rock and Roll Code Camp at Fullerton.  It was also great to see so many friends.  As promised, I'm attaching the code and PowerPoint here.  I started my talk with a little introduction on RIA (rich internet applications), then moved into ExtJS.  I realize now, that because the audience all pretty much knew the RIA story, it would have been better to just dive into ExtJS.  As it was, I ran out of time.  Next time, I'll go with plan B.

My guess is we had about 50 people in the room.  I took a picture about 10 minutes before class started that I'm showing below.  I'm thinking a lot more showed up after the picture.  The guy in the second row mentioned that they should be taking a picture of me, but then, I was running out of prep time so I figured I better go with what I had.

One thing that came up often was how to interact with the ExtJS library.  I did talk a bunch about another open source project (Coolite) that has lots of stuff (custom controls) to help with that.  they wrap all the things you expect from like SqlDataSource,ObjectDataSource, etc.  Overall, it's a great product and a huge help in learning ExtJS.



And, Here is the code:  (much of this code comes from adaptations of code I got at a ExtJS training class put on by ExtJS themselves.  BTW, it was an awesome class!)