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ExtJS Training with our leaders!

Updated: at 11:17 PM

For my current project, I'm focused on delivering the fastest and best user experience possible for our web site.  To deliver this, it is necessary to really focus on delivering client side code.  After doing a bunch of research, the very clear answer to me is to use a Library called ExtJS combined with a very nice integration tool suite for the .net called Coolite. It's basically a very rich interactive JavaScript library that is extremely customizable.  To that end, I'm taking a week training class from ExtJS.  We've had our first day which has focused on CSS and JavaScript basics with an eye towards the patterns used in ExtJS.

For those who know what ExtJS is, I have solved the first mystery and it's only days one.  It seems that that call it EXT (pronounced E-X-T).  Also, if your curious of what ExtJS can do, take a look at the Coolite Demos here.

Here is a picture of me with some ExtJS folks (Me, Jack Slocom, Abraham Elias and our instructor Aaron Conran).  Abraham (their CEO) and I are both learning ExtJS while Jack and Aaron pretty much invented it.  Hopefully that will change by the end of the week (I mean the part about Abraham and I).

ExtJS Training