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Use Multiple Monitors? Checkout UltraMon from Realtime Soft.

Updated: at 02:12 PM

I've been addicted to using multiple monitors for programming for many years now.  Recently (through other MVP blogs), I've noticed people talking about using UltraMon as a "must have" if you use multiple monitors. Frankly, I couldn't see how it could get much better, but after using it for just a couple days, I'm hooked!  There are lots of features to the product that I don't yet know about or have played with, but the ones I have used so far have been very nice.  I'll outline them here.

First, it's really nice to be able use one picture to cover your complete desktop (in my case, three monitors).  While in New Zealand in 2003 on a bike vacation, I took this panorama picture.  I forget where it is, but if any of you know, please add it to the comments.  Here is a picture of that picture.


Secondly, and also very helpful is that you now can have toolbbars on each monitor so you don't have to guess where things are going to pop up.  It also helps decrease the clutter on your primary toolbar.  No more hunting for programs because you have so many open!  Here is a screen shot.  Notice the toolbars on the right edge of each monitor.  (you may have to click on the image to actually see them.


The third thing I really like is the cool feature where UltraMon adds a buttons to your program menu that lets you move any program to any screen, and another button that lets you maximize your program across all your monitors.  Here is a screen shot of what is added to outlook.


UltraMon also adds to your taskbar a configuration panel that you can right click on for lots of other things which I will explore soon.  Here is what that looks like:


That's it for now.  Just a quick post to let everyone know about this cool new program.  I highly recommend it.  You can find more details at their web site.

Good Luck!

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