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Book Review: Pro LINQ Language Integrated Query in C# 2008 by Joseph C. Rattz, Jr.

Updated: at 11:17 PM

Now that Visual Studio 2008 has RTM' d, I'm very motivated to learn LINQ.  Like most of us, I've read articles, seen presentations, talked a lot about it, but now, it's time to begin in earnest.  What does that mean?  Time to get the books and start doing some serious examples myself.  I just bought the book "Pro LINQ Language Integrated Query in C# 2008" and so far am very impressed.  Because I'm a total newbie to link, I started with the first chapter (very unusual for me).  That was a good overview of the different types of LINQ.  One thing I learned was that all those names like dlinq,xlinq, etc. are no longer valid.  I kind of thought that, but couldn't find it written explicitly anywhere's else.  I think it's one of those things everyone knew but me.

The second chapter is really where it's at for me.  I went to sleep reading it (no insult intended, I was just tired) and plan on continuing today on my train ride to San Francisco.  It's doing an excellent job of explaining Lambda expressions.  Before reading it, I really didn't get what they were, but I feel like I really understand now.  I always knew they were related to delegates somehow.  This chapter does a great job of taking the reader through a progression (named delegate, anonymous delegate, then finally Lambda Expression) to explain how they work.  I hate to say I needed that, but I really did.

Obviously, I recommend this book for your library.