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Bookmarks in Visual Studio 2008 verses Visual Studio 2005

Updated: at 02:12 PM

I noticed that when I set book marks in vs2008, it seemed to work when I set them, but when I cleared them, no joy!. Not being the smartest pencil in the jar, I did this over and over again thinking that my typing muscle memory was just failing me. Surely, something as simple as setting a bookmark could not have changed between versions! Next thing, control dot will not bring up the list of namespaces for an undefined function! (thankfully, that is not the case).

So, after finally realizing my finger muscle memory was not failing me on every bookmark set, I went to the menu command to see. It turns out that setting a bookmark is now control-b T (for toggle) and clearing bookmarks is control-b C (for clear). I'm blogging this in the hopes I can remember it in the future.

Continuing to enjoy vs2008 and the surprises right along the way.

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