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Silverlight Dev Camp San Francisco, Friday Night Opening Ceremonies!

Updated: at 02:12 PM

Joe Kleinschmidt promising more beer for everyone

For those that have never been to a Silverlight Dev Camp (OK, maybe nobody has ever been to one), this is an event where people on he (b)leading edge get together and talk about how much fun they are having and share war stories.  For me, life couldn't get any better.  Well, as one of the other moderators on forums recently pointed out to me... Get a life.

Just a week ago, it seemed there were only a couple dozen signups for this event which is being hosted by Microsoft in their nice San Francisco office in the Landmark Office Building (1 Market Street, Thanks Anand),  Somehow, now, there are over 100 people signed up.  I was talking to Kevin Marshall and Kurt Brockett (the main organizers) and I asked them how they rocketed attendance 5x in the last week.  They said things like Twitter and lots of
email.  Since most (OK all) of you know I'm organizing Silicon Valley's second code camp at the end of October I was taking careful notes.  We currently have 260 signed up and I'm thinking... 260 x 5 = ???  Wow, I need to pay attention.  Then Joe Kleinschmidt, CTO of LeverageSoftware mentioned that he had announced about a week ago that he'd buy beer for everyone.

Where was I.  Oh yes, Sitting in a Starbucks in San Francisco waiting for day two to start, wondering why my notebook  is not charging, and of course just signed up for twitter.

So, last night was a big group presentation of Silverlight.  Today is lots of smaller discussions about Silverlight.  I've got one at 4PM where I'll be talking about my latest Silverlight apps, Searchlight and DiggPopular.  It's only 30 minutes and I could easily talk all day about it.  If you sign up for twitter, you can read about how I did!

Time to go, That's about it for now besides some pictures.  Enjoy.

Joe Kleinschmidt promising more beer for everyone

Full House




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