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I'm Presenting WPF and XAML with Cal In Palo Alto April 4th!

Updated: at 11:17 PM

I'm presenting with Cal Schrotenboer on WPF Basics

Introduction to XAML among other things


Next Wednesday, April 4th, Cal and I will be presenting an overview of WPF and XAML at the Cubberly Community Center in Palo Alto for SDForum's Windows SIG.  Many of you know Cal Schrotenboer as he has been teaching much of the Microsoft classes at Foothill College where we had our 2006 Code Camp.  Actually, Cal introduced me to Chuck Lindauer, the Dean at Foothill who was instrumental in making code camp such a success last year.  As the description above says, we will be discussing Microsoft's new WPF and XAML technologies and how they apply to windows programming.  We'll show demo's and also answer questions.

I'm personally new to WPF so I asked Cal to come in and help.  He's not only a good friend, but also knows .Net 3.0 which is what WPF is a part of very well.  He currently is offering one of the very few classes in
as well as another .Net 3.0 technology WCF at foothill College.  Because Foothill College is heavily subsidized by the State of California, the classes are amazing in expensive.  Last I heard, 30 hours of classes was $100 and I know Cal teaches these classes both live and on the internet so people all over the world can attend.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at our presentation!