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MVP Summit Days 2 and 3, Gates, Hejlsberg, Guthrie, Goldfarb and more Moderators!

Updated: at 02:12 PM
Vista Party

From Left to right, Mike Banavige, Ryan Olshan, Terri Morton and Peter Kellner (me).  I did meet Jeff Cochran though out of water I hardly  recognized him. I heard from Dinakar Nethi several times
but have not met him yet (my mission for day 4).

Vista Party

Jeff Cochran and Curt again.

Yesterday and today were packed with information, presentations, old friends and new ones.  Tuesday started with Bill Gates describing the future. After that, we've just had session after session. Scott Guthrie did his usual
awesome job of showing the future, Brian Goldfarb Demo'd the future, and Anders Hijlsberg described how we will code our way to the future and unfortunately for me, when the guys presented I had the lunch times snoozes and had a real hard time keeping up.  I'm sure it was great and it certainly was stuff I need to know.

Check out the ORM (Object Relational Mapper) PRISMA. The database access method I use in all my projects