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MVP Summit Day 1, Where have all the Moderators gone?

Updated: at 11:17 PM
MVP Summit

From Left to right, Peter Kellner (me), Mike Banavige from New England, and Curt Christianson from Wisconsin. Curt has made me "Not the Newbie" on the moderators team, and Mike, well, Mike just always has all the answers and continues to be a great role model for us  (for the record, Curt says there are over
200 breweries in Wisconsin).

Today was the first day of the Microsoft MVP Summit here in Seattle.  I left beautiful and sunny San Jose California yesterday and today, I find myself in rainy Seattle (big surprise).  OK, actually it turned nice later in the day "after" I had gone to the market area this morning and got drenched.  I was obvious a foreigner because the only protection I had from the rain was the New York Times I bought at Starbucks (not Seattle's Best) I was holding over my

So, what did we do today?  This morning, not much.  A quick business meeting for me in the morning, followed by a trip to the market. Registration opened after noon, and the rest of the afternoon was a very fun schmooze fest.  I met my MVP lead as well as lots of other MVP both new and old.  I heard lots of war stories regarding Vista and Orcas which was of course very fun.  Dinner here at the Westin started at 6:30 and finally, now after 11, I'm here wrapping up the day.  Tomorrow morning it's Bill Gates followed by some sessions and a trip to the space museum.  I'm very much looking forward to the day.

Until Tomorrow.