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Boise Idaho Code Camp, Standing Room Only!

Updated: at 11:17 PM

ObjectDataSource with .NetTiers Integration

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This years Boise Code Camp was another well done camp from my friends up north. Over two hundred attendees, lots of essions, great food, great prizes (3 XBoxes), and of course some good learning.  I did my second presentation on ObjectDataSource from scratch integrated with .NetTiers DAL (with CodeSmith of course).  I had some great help from Scott Nichols who works at Micron with codesmith and nettiers questions (thanks Scott). I even "borrowed" Richard Hundhausen's notepad to code technique's for my demos.  Much superior to my previous style.

Well, the plane is about to take me home so I better go or I'll be here longer than I intended.  BTW, Richard just IM'd me to let me know he got his  blog post done first!  It's always a race.

For those looking for source, it is here: