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I've been Tagged! (my five things)

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My 5 Things

Been Tagged! Thanks
. So, here are 5 things about me you don't
already know (maybe).

1.  I don't color my hair

(OK, you probably knew that so I won't count this but needed it to start the thought process)

1.  I started my career as a rocket scientist.

My first 4 years after college I worked for Lockheed Missiles and Space System.  Actually, I think this was the most fun part of my career. We had totally cool toys to play with.  Lots of freedom to do whatever we wanted (OK, as long as it was a missile or space system), and to top it off, I had a wonderful group I was a part of.  A totally awesome job.  Had our contract from the government not been cancelled, then the following 4 proposals shot down, I would probably still be there.  In hind sight, maybe we should have been doing a little less of anything we wanted and more of was
was necessary.

2.  I played the violin for 5 years (OK, sort of)

My mom says it was my idea, but I'm sure I was thinking of a guitar. Oh well, will never know.  I finally rebelled when I was 14.  Thank goodness. I took 2 lessons a week at the very famous Hoff Barthelson Music school in Scarsdale, New York.  My maternal grandmother was paying for these lessons and stopping was tantamount to a full scale rebellion.

3.  I ran my College Fraternities initiation when I was a senior at Cornell University. 

We had a particularly nasty initiation that I always resented.  When I was a senior, I decided the best way to influence and make it more fun was to run it.  At one point I had to tell one of the "Brothers" that he had a choice.  He could stop doing what he was doing, or I was going to call the police and they would tell him to stop doing what he was doing.

4.  I love bike riding.  

OK, I talk about in my bio as well as every other time someone will listen so I won't count this one either.  (My
Wife Tammy and I completing our cross country ride in 2003, very happy

4.  Born to Schmooze (but Not very smart about it)

The business that I ran from about 1985 to 2000 was primarily about selling computer systems to eye doctors.  I early on figured out that it was a word of mouth type sale so I learned to get involved in all the social circles of eye doctors that I could.  By the time I retired from this business, I had a majority of the board of directors of the American Optometric Association using my system.  I would often attend the private in room parties at the big conventions of just the ruling elite.  I never really had to be invited, I just always seemed to know where these parties were.  I later found out that most of the people I knew from these parties thought I was an eye doctor, and not a computer salesman in sheep's clothing.  Oh well, maybe in my next career (whatever that is) I will be smarter.

5.  I ride a unicycle (maybe not anymore)

OK, one more biking thing.  When I was about 10, I was driving home from New York City with my parents from visiting my grandmother's house on 73rd Street.  We passed a guy riding a unicyle on 5th avenue.  I thought that was totally cool.  For the next 3 months I demanded a unicyle, and after my parents finally gave in they bought me one.  for the 3 months after that, I spent crashing down a narrow a hall way in our basement until I finally learned how to ride the darn thing.  My mom has finally put pictures back up in the hall way.  While I was learning I stripped both the
left and right walls of all pictures as well as I am sure denting the very hard tile floor.


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