Refactoring C# Code With ReSharper Help


A pattern that I do quite often is to first right out code that actually works, then when I see a pattern repeat itself, I like to refactor that code to try and avoid the repetitive code.  Reasons include:

  • Smaller Code
  • Less Chance For Error
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)

As an example, the c# code I’m working on now involves reading key values to be used with the Stripe payment service.  Here is the code I first wrote:

The first thing I do is to look for the pattern and try and pull out variables that I know are going to be helpful in refacotring. You can see below that I pulled out the keyAppName variable and I also changed the assignment to be to a new variable rather than to the exact target I wanted (keyValue instead of view.StripePublicAndPrivateKeys.StripeSecretKey). The reason is my plan is to pull out the common functionality and to do this I don’t want to have to pass into a common method lot’s of extranious classes.

Next, through the helpfulness of JetBrain’s ReSharper, I select the code I want to refactor and then right mouse button, say "Extract Method" and this is what I get:


The method that is created is this:


Which, when shown, changes the code to the following (notice that the method GetKeyValueFromStrip is created.

And, that can be simplified to simply

And now, all 4 keys (public and private for both live and test) can be generated quite simply and with little chance of typos as follows

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