ReSharper Continues to Make My Life Easier as a Programmer

Again, it happened.  I was about go searching the web for the string format parameters to figure out how to format just the day of the week.  I type some code like this:

And up pops up the below screen from JetBrains Resharper giving my choices for ToString(). Very nice! Just sayin…


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  1. Ugh. If I had only gone to DotNetKicks this morning to browse before coding and seen your article, I could have actually saved a couple minutes today dealing with this very issue. Resharper is always bittersweet for me. Sweet because I learn how to save huge amounts of time, but bitter, because I tend to realize there was a much shorter path that I didn’t know existed. Nice tip.

  2. Yes, R# is not only the cat’s meow, but also the dog’s bark, the lion’s roar, and the elephant’s trumpet. It baffles me that the coders at so many places I’ve worked have either never heard of it or eschew it as some sort of white-glove wearing persnickety mother-in-law, instead of the timesaver that it is.


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