Collection Form Post Parameters in WebAPI Controller

There are lots of ways using ASP.NET MVC4 to collection passed in form parameters (POST) to the WebAPI Controller.  I’m not wanting to create a Model, I’m not wanting to get involved with dynamic variables, I just want the values that are posted in.  Say for example, my post looks like the following:


To capture both sessionId and trackId, I can have a WebAPI controller in Visual Studio that looks just like this:

namespace WebAPI.Api
public class SessionRpcController : ApiController
[Authorize(Roles = "admin")]
public HttpResponseMessage
FormDataCollection formDataCollection)
var sessionId =
FirstOrDefault(a => a.Key == "sessionId").
var trackId =
FirstOrDefault(a => a.Key == "trackId").

// do some real work here

HttpResponseMessage response =
return response;

Simple as that!  HTH’s

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